Advisory services add value to business by enhancing profitability, increasing the efficiency of operations or reduction of costs.  We apply problem-solving approaches to advisory services. Our advisory services range from accounting, risk management, strategy, project management to recruitment and human resource management.

Our services in advisory include the following:

Outsourced Accounting Services

Businesses find value by outsourcing non-core issues and focusing on managing lean operations highly focused on the core sources of growth and profitability. We run our clients accounting departments seamlessly. The service includes basic book-keeping, periodic reports, analysis and insights and annual financial statements. We undertake basic daily accounting work including invoicing and receipting, generate reports and aid in decision-making. We also install and train on accounting systems. To improve decision-making, we create report templates that are customized for the clients’ nature of business. We advise on automation of business process and facilitate the automation process by advising on every step until rollout and review for feedback and improvement.  

The use of technology in accounting is saving clients administrative costs, increasing business collaboration and providing business archives accessible at the touch of the button. We work with clients in implementing accounting systems in cloud environment.

Consulting for SMEs

Small businesses face myriad of management issues. The owners begin with bright idea that a market needs and are quickly overwhelmed by the daily needs of the business including operations, customer relations, markets and marketing, human resource needs and management. Often, new businesses face a challenge in formalizing their process and applying technology to achieve efficiency and effectiveness.

We bring an independent professional viewpoint to SME operations and identify the basic challenges facing the business. We carry out expert evaluation of the business and such check-up informs the clients on the health of the business. We ask informed questions on marketing and market development and evaluate the effectiveness of sales procedures.

Many at times, SMEs grow faster the internal management capacity causing uncertainty to the owners and the threadbare founding management initially setup as start-up. We engage our clients on ideas for coping with growth through training of staff and managers on operations, workflow, and management. We work with our clients on developing strategic approach.

Development of business policies, strategic plans and operational manuals

Business systems need documentation to enable implementation, feedback, and review. Many business owners have no written documents to manage their businesses. The policies and procedures for running the businesses are in their heads. Many businesses therefore lack uniformity in the application of guidelines, procedures, and policies. We help businesses develop policies and procedure manuals. This creates training materials, references and source of improvement and review. Accounting Manuals, Procedural Manuals, Human Resource Management manuals. Strategic Plans and workflow procedure guidebooks form the basis of uniformity in management and a yardstick for reviewing performance.

Financing Facility Support

As the business grows, there is need for financing new projects, putting in place guarantees and supporting the operations with bank facilities. The banks require credible information in order to evaluate the eligibility of a business for a bank facility. The documentation needed to undertake the due diligence before a financing agreement is finalized can be enormous. We support our clients’ bid for financing with the necessary financial analysis and projections, management accounts, audited financial statements, statutory compliance documents, and other requirements. Our experience in this field has placed us in a trusted position with some of the financial institutions giving our work credibility wherever it is presented.

Feasibility, evaluations, and investment analysis

Before investing in new areas, projects and businesses, investors, business owners and managers require sufficient information to make decisions. Committing capital to a new project without professional opinion puts the investment capital at risk. A professionally done feasibility study, investment analysis or evaluation can expedite decision-making, provide new insights, and point out weaknesses and threats.

We undertake evaluation projects in order to embolden our clients’ decisions by arming them with carefully considered insights delineated from analysis of relevant data.

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