We serve a wide range of industries within the SME sector. This gives our associates broad understanding of the business environment and allows to seamlessly serve different clientele with different needs.

Our current portfolio of clients is represented in the following industries:


The firm’s oldest clients are in import and export, wholesale and retain of merchandise. We have clients that import basic foodstuff, clothing and household goods from all over the world. Other clients are in specialist trading, dealing in specific goods including medical equipment, vehicle spare parts and ICT equipment. We add value to our client’s business through our various services. We help them navigate the complex regulatory, tax and operational challenges leading to enhanced profitability and growth.

Telecommunication & ICT

We serve a large group of dealers in telecommunication sector, dealers in for telecom companies, dealers in mobile phones and accessories and ICT software and hardware businesses. We serve these unique clients by helping with their accounting, reporting and tax needs. The introduction of digital taxes brings the traders in digital platforms into the tax base. We educate our clients on these new tax regulations.

Logistics and Courier

Among the clients we have served since the inception of the firm are cargo companies. These companies are in the business of moving goods from one part of the world to another or hauling products from factories to wholesalers and traders. Their unique business model is based on providing business to business service. Some also engage in sourcing, transport, and warehousing. These different activities provide synergies but may complete compliance, attract risk, and complicate the accounting systems.

We work with our clients to simplify the business operations, setup appropriate accounting and finance systems and advice our clients on any new regulations.

Professional Services Firms

Among our clients are professional firms including Law, Dental and Engineering firms. Our experience in partnerships and sole proprietorships enable us to provide boutique services to our professional clients. We advise our professional on such issues as Cash flow Management, Accounting and Tax Planning and assessment. Because of the nature of these professional practices, we can assist them with back-office issues with outsourced accounting and finance services. We can also advice on transactions such as mergers of partnerships, selling of practices and dissolution of partnerships.

Real Estate

Real Estate sector is a huge combination of land buying and selling, construction of commercial and residential real estate, management of commercial and residential rentals and selling of office, homes and apartments. The unique issues in real estate are the huge values involved in investments, turnover, and collections. The tax law on real estate is also complex and confusing for managers and owners of these investments. We also help our clients with digitalization, cloud computing and periodic financial analysis and projections.


Manufacturers find cost per unit and work in progress. Manufacturing has extra requirements in all aspects of the business. The investment in assets is enormous and attract tax incentives which will depend on correct valuation of the manufacturing assets. We provide expert level accounting and finance services to our manufacturing clients.


Among our clients are insurance companies, Insurance Brokers and Insurance agents. We have served as internal audit department of a major insurance company and provided project audits and financial statements review. Our audits have led to change in top management and strengthening of the finance systems of the organization.

We bring to the table wide knowledge of regulated entities and understanding of the major regulations affecting the insurance sector. We advise our clients on licensing and compliance as well as accounting and tax matters.


Our clientele in this sector include petroleum companies operating in East Africa, dealers of international brands, shippers and resellers of petroleum products, owner operator service stations and LPG refillers and sellers. Our experience in dealing with these companies have accorded us deep understanding of industry issues and given us a

NGOs (Public Benefit Organizations)

Non-profit institutions require a different approach from other business. The objective of NGOs is service to a community as opposed as profit maximization which is the goal of corporations and other businesses. NGOs have higher accountability aspiration because they have to be accountable to donors. NGO managers are also concerned about sustainability of their organization. These public benefit organizations are focused on elimination fraud and theft.

We provide extra services to our NGO clients by Regularly monitoring their financial assessments, providing Tax exemption paperwork and follow up and Preparation and filing of annual NGO Co-ordination bureau returns. We have served both national and international NGOs.

Other Industries

We have several clients in Hospitality, Agricultural, Education and Contracting with government. Our commitment is to provide excellent and enduring services to our clients. Our requires trust as a basis for attracting and retaining clients. We have earned that trust over the years and continue to grow through referrals and introductions though our existing clients.  

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