Audit and Assurance is one of the most important risk management practices that businesses engage in regularly.  Auditing is designed to order provide an extra level of control over the books of accounts and operations of the business. This oversight improves business operations and leads to better planning and budgeting of the business. Annual Financial audits are a requirement for statutory compliance according to the Companies Act for some public and private companies.

At Josiah, Salah and Associates, we undertake auditing and assurance engagements for our clients and issue independent audit reports in accordance with the statutory requirements and International Auditing Standards. We ensure our clients derive maximum value both from the process of auditing and the reporting and feedback. Apart from the specific statutory and specialized need for auditing, our clients believe audit and assurance process and reports aid in determining the status of their business operations, status of books of accounts, the correct and verifiable financial position. Independent audit opinion aids in attracting new investments and financing for new projects and business operations.


Tax is a mandatory contribution by eligible income earners, individuals and businesses to the government on periodic basis. While tax returns are generally based on self-assessment, inadequate knowledge of tax procedures may pose risk to the business in terms of penalties, interest and administrative and legal costs. We manage tax risk for our clients to ensure theirs tax plans are a exceptional and tax filings are up to date. We aim to manage the tax compliance risks faced by our clients.

The tax laws, procedures and deadlines are complex in nature and require a high level of expertise that many businesses may not have inhouse. We provide consulting advice, tax planning and tax preparation services. We have developed unique expertise in tax consulting over the years. Our tax team are equipped with deep understanding of the tax code and this has enabled us serve our clients satisfactorily.


Advisory services add value to business by enhancing profitability, increasing the efficiency of operations or reduction of costs.  We apply problem-solving approaches to advisory services. Our advisory services range from accounting, risk management, strategy, project management to recruitment and human resource management.

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